Normandy PhotoArt

Photos & Images of Normandy, France

Photo Reproduction

My aim is to give people the opportunity to own a unique portrait of Normandy or a particular view that makes up the fabric of life here.

My perspectives are sometimes typical and sometimes unusual, my methods of artistic reproduction are intended to be different but hopefully interesting.

The photographs and photoartistic images can be reproduced in either standard sizes for framing or any size up to 500mm (50cm) by 750mm (75cm). Bespoke sizes may incur a small extra charge for the design work involved to resize them.

Standard sizes are as follows:-

90mm (9cm) by 130mm (13cm)

100mm (10cm) by 150mm (15cm)

130mm (13cm) by 170mm (17cm)

200mm (20cm) by 300mm (30cm)

300mm (30cm) by 450mm (45cm)

500mm (50cm) by 750mm (75cm)

600mm (60cm) by 800mm (80cm) Canvas ONLY / Seul Toile